1601 Crown Elizabeth I Stunning coin


Elizabeth I 1601 Crown, Mintmark 1 Seventh issue 

Spink 2582  –  Weight 29.7 grams, diameter 41mm

Obv – Crowned bust left wearing elaborate dress holding orb and sceptre,ELIZABETH:D:G:ANG:FRA:ET:HIBER:REGINA

Rev – long cross fourchee over square garnished shield, POSVI:DEVM:ADIVTOREM:MEVM

What a coin must be one of the finest known, outstanding detail surely a genuine extremely fine, don’t missing out on acquiring a most sought after historical coin in a fabulous condition, you will not get many chance to obtain a Elizabeth I crown in this condition, Looks even better in the hand, coin has come direct from a private collection

Superb future proof investment

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