1631 Crown Charles I Scarce


Charles I 1631 Crown, Briot’s first milled coinage 1631-32

Very nice attractive coin with good eye appeal, in a lovely condition on a full round flan very fine or better, coin has come direct from a private collection Superb future proof investment

Spink 2852 – Weight 30 grams – diameter 42mm

Obv – King on horseback facing left holding upright sword, flowing sash behind, pebbled groundline below, inner beaded circle, initial mark daisy with tiny B to left, lozenge stops Latin legend outer toothed border surrounding, CAROLVS. D: G. MAGN. BRITAN. FRAN. ET. HIBER. REX.

Rev – Quartered shield of arms in crowned frame, crowned C over lozenge to left, crowned R over lozenge to right, inner beaded circle, lozenge stops in Latin legend and outer toothed border, tiny .B. to left of crown, .CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO

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