1642 Oxford Crown Charles I


Charles I Rare 1642 Oxford Crown  – Oxford Mint, with Shrewsbury horseman

What A coin near as struck on a full round flan, fields are perfect with no cracks / stress marks in metal, all legends really well stuck up, you will not get many chances to own such a nice Oxford crown, coin has come direct from a private collection

Obverse: Crowned armoured King on horseback facing left, holding upright sword, with plain ground-line below, Shrewsbury plume in right field, With Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding: .CAROLVS: D: G: MAG: BRIT: FRAN: ET: HIBER: REX
Reverse: Latin Declaration in two lines at centre between ruled lines RELIG: PROT: LEG / ANG: LIBER: PAR, three Oxford plumes above, over value .V., 1642 below, With Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding: EXVRGAT: DEVS: DISSIPENTVR:

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