1702 Shilling Vigo NGC XF40 Queen Anne


Queen Anne 1702 Vigo Shilling  Scarce

Graded by NGC XF40 – Extremely fine 40

Spink 3585 – ESC 1130

The obverse features Queen Anne draped bust and is inscribed ANNA DEI GRATIA with VIGO below bust.
The reverse features crowned cruciform shields with a garter star at the centre. inscribed 1702.MAG BR. FRA ET.HIB REG

The capture of the Vigo treasure took place at the Battle of Vigo Bay on 23rd October 1702. it was after the Battle that the treasure largely of silver, with a tiny proportion of gold was captured and transported back to Southampton on the south coast of England. From there the treasure was brought with great pomp and ceremony to London, overseen by the Mint Master himself, one Mr Isaac Newton, to then be turned into coinage at the Royal Mint in the Tower of London. The treasure consisted of absolutely thousands of pounds in weight of silver, but a mere seven pounds and eight ounces of gold

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