1887 11-Coin Proof Gold set Five Pound – Two pound – Sovereign Gold Jubilee Victoria


Victoria 1887 11 Coin Proof Set for the Golden Jubilee

Superb original set in original case of issue only 797 complete sets were sold by the Royal Mint, very few of these original sets are left most have been split up over years and sold off as separate coins, great future proof investment, about as struck

Featuring the famous jubilee bust designed by J. Edgar Boehm

Set consists of 11 proof coins 4 gold & 7 Silver

Gold Proof – Five pound – Two pound – Sovereign – Half Sovereign

Silver Proof – Crown – 1/2 Crown – Double florin – Florin – Shilling – Sixpence – Threepence

I purchased this set some years ago from a private gentleman’s estate who had been owed this set for many years, I then sold the set to private client and have now been lucky enough to acquire the set back from the client

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